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General features

If you enjoy spending time outdoors with your kids in winter but don’t like the hassle of wrestling with your wheeled stroller, here’s the solution. The Snow Stroller lets you glide your child through the snow effortlessly so that you can run your errands hassle-free or just enjoy a wintery walk in the park.

Snow Strollers are not intended for downhill sledding!

Standard features of all models include:

  • a nylon three-way safety harness
  • lightweight stainless steel tubing construction
  • tested to hold up to 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • easily foldable to put in your trunk or storage

Choose from four models, each featuring a vibrant color combination:


Snow Strollers

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The Snow Stroller Deluxe provides the ultimate in protection and comfort for your child with its wraparound boot and overhead tent to protect your child from wind and falling snow. The Deluxe model also features a reclining padded seat to make in-transit napping more cozy and relaxing.

Fabric colors: Vibrant Green and Sunshine Yellow

Tubing color: Vibrant Green


Deluxe Plus

The Snow Stroller Deluxe-Plus is the newest addition to the Snow Stroller family. It includes all of the features of the Deluxe model, and in addition has a fiber-board backed seat to provide the ultimate in back support for your child.

Fabric colors: Sky Blue and Summer Orange

Tubing color: Sky Blue



The most economical option, the Starter model features durable nylon seating construction and all standard features.

Fabric colors: Icy Blue and and Sky Blue

Tubing color: Icy Blue


The Snow Stroller Graduate has all the features of the Starter model, plus padding in the seat for your child’s warmth and comfort.

Fabric colors: Fiery Red and Cool Chartreuse

Tubing color: Fiery Red